Bearpit Karaoke Goes London! @ Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Fri, 29th Sep, 2017
6pm- 9pm

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It's happening! Bearpit Karaoke is coming to London.

If you've been to Berlin you might already be aware that Joe Hatchiban's Bearpit Karaoke is a weekly fixture in the world-famous Mauerpark, and massively popular with locals and visitors alike. 

Now with the help of Vauxhall One and Lambeth Council he's excited to try it all from scratch again in London, a city rightly renowned for the winning charm and unsurpassable quality of its karaoke singers. 

Join him in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens directly behind the world famous Royal Vauxhall Tavern on  Friday 29th and Saturday 16th of September to belt out your favourite tunes. 

Joe Hatchiban has been happily helping people unleash their inner Rampensau (performer) all over Berlin since 2009. Originally one man's mission to seek attention, his weekly Bearpit sessions are now a landmark on the city's cultural scene.

Here's the Bearpit Karaoke Show in a few simple steps - 

1. Coax a random stranger into singing karaoke in a park. 
2. See if a crowd gathers and hangs about to watch. 
3. If one does, then try to coax somebody from said crowd into singing karaoke too.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the batteries go dead.

Easy, right?

So head to Vauxhall this September and... go on! Sing one!

21 Aug 2017
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