Drag Roast @ The RVT

Thu, 27th Jul, 2017

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The comedy roast of Mary Mac.

Generally it is traditional to boil haggis, but at the RVT we will be roasting a haggis – specifically a Mary Mac shaped Haggis.

A number of cooks have been engaged to turn up the heat, wooden spoons have been apportioned for maximum stirring and to administer the occasional Thwack on the Haggis; AKA Mary Mac. Roasters in chief will include Myra DuBois, Lola Lasagne, Tanya Hyde and Miss Jason with peace keeping skills in the hands of Mrs Moore as MC for the event.

A night where no sporran will be left unturned and the public airing of dirty, tartan patterned laundry will flap gently in the breathless tales of scandal and scorn.

Dinner is served.


Presented by The RVT and QX


Doors: 7pm

Show: 8.30pm

Tickets: £10

10 Jul 2017
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