Historic England presents: Immortalised @ The Workshop

Thu, 30th Aug, 2018

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Immortalised explores how people and events have been commemorated in England, by the statues, plaques and murals that mark inspirational lives.

For millennia, we have celebrated and mourned, marked and memorialised. Through our culture, places, stories and rituals we pass down what matters to us.

It is how we make people immortal. But who decides who and how we remember?

An immersive exhibition, Immortalised invites you to enter four giant monuments that hold the key to our memorial past and future. From a Trafalgar Square lion to the Brighton Peace ‘Angel,’ to the boots on the contested statue of Edward Colson in Bristol, these will each explore how, why and who we remember, from the well-loved and famous, to the lost local hero.

1.Lab Late: Art Night Meets Super City
2. MI CASA Cruz María Vallespir
3. Odyssey – The Journey Home
Odyssey Group: Fion Gunn, Sebastian Kalwij, Lindsay Moran, Audrey Mullins, Jane Skead, Rongzi Wu. Documentarists: Kate Reynolds & Jane Clegg. Facilitator: Jenny Shepherd

3 Aug 2018
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