*New: Adult Company with Daniel P. Cunningham @ Ovalhouse

Mon, 8th Jan, 2018 to Mon, 26th Mar, 2018

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High: Mass Movement (Inner City Ceremonies, 2018) Is like a rave but without the drugs, it’s like religion but without the dogma. With Daniel P Cunningham

H:MM is a process open to those interested in getting high through movement, music and political ritual. Facilitated by performance artist Daniel P Cunningham.

Be aware that this is a queer process, open to everyone age 25 years+

Please send a short biography and a letter of interest (150 words) detailing why you would like to be part of the process. A commitment to the entire process is needed, so please be sure that you can attend all the sessions. Please send your letter of interest and biography to mahri.reilly@ovalhouse.com

Deadline Wednesday 3 January 2018. 


19 Jan 2018
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