So Many Reasons by Racheal Ofori and FUEL @ Ovalhouse Theatre

Thu, 20th Apr, 2017
Fri, 21st Apr, 2017

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Written and performed by Racheal Ofori. Directed by Kate Hewitt

Melissa is 26. She has finally started to put her degree to use, she is paying back that loan, and she discovers she's pregnant. Suddenly faced with the reality of bringing a baby girl into the world, Melissa reflects on her relationship with her own mother, and on how much – or how little - the world has changed for women.

So Many Reasons is a new work inspired in part by Anna Reading’s A Letter to my Dearest Daughter and fuses narrative and poetry. 

The show explores the disparity between what a mother hopes for and passes on to her daughter, and what a daughter aspires to for herself, and at generational shifts in attitude to sexuality, body image, relationships and aspirations.

A new work in development created by Racheal Ofori and Kate Hewitt, following their collaboration on Portrait.

“An impressive performance from Ofori, deftly directed by Kate Hewitt. Portrait is an exciting show from a writer / performer we'll hopefully hear more from soon.” ★★★★ The List

31 Mar 2017
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