Tracy Barlow's Community Service @ The RVT

Fri, 19th Jan, 2018

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Tracy Barlow is currently Prisoner 24666 on Savage Row in the Paul O’Grady Maximum Detention Centre for Animal Offenders.

With Jim Lavendar and eGlamour consultant Nicola Buchanan

An unashamed contrarian, she has achieved infamy as a blogger and through her caseworker Jim Lavender has been allowed to engage with a community outreach program for the morally bankrupt, targeting LGBTQ-events across the nation. She has renounced all men in favour of his best friend as well her UK citizenship with hopes to start her very own country ‘Barlopia’, where it is legal to marry dogs.

With special guest, winner of NADC4, Chloe Rose

Doors 7pm

Show 7.30pm – 9pm

8 Jan 2018
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