We are targeting four key areas
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By working together, Vauxhall One will be able invest at least nearly £4million directly into improving Vauxhall over the next five years.

This money will also be used to attract further funding from other sources. Talking to businesses in the runup to the BID ballot helped us identify the actions that would mean most to our members. 


We are reducing street crime and antisocial by becoming one of the first BIDs in the UK to build on the Met Police's S92 Police Officer scheme. The S92 agreement, sees Vauxhall One pay for the cost of one police officer with the Met matching that funding for an additional officer, this means that Vauxhall now has three additonal full time police officers dedicated to Vauxhall. 

Licensing Partnership
Vauxhall One chairs the local Licensing Partnership which provides the link between local businesses and venues with the council and the Metropolitan police.
S92 Police Officers
Vauxhall One pay for the cost of one police officer with the Met matching that funding for an additional officer, meaning that from August 24th Vauxhall will have two extra Police Officers.

Vauxhall has a thriving mix of day and night-time businesses, Vauxhall One is dedicated to supporting and integrating both economies. Vauxhall One promotes our shops, hotels, restaurants and clubs to local employees and to wider London.

Promotional campaigns
This will bring Vauxhall to the attention of new customers through social media
Visitor Events
Through a programme of local events we aim to encourage new visitors to the shops, bars and restaurants of Vauxhall.
Dr. Bike
Free cycle maintenance service for local employees.
Vauxall Gallery District
Vauxhall One is linking up the new gallery district with a set of green walking and cycle paths that link the area to create a real destination for Vauxhall.

Vauxhall One is dedicated to keeping clean, the BID runs weekly street cleaning, litter picks and graffiti removal sessions. As well as larger scale deep clean projects with are partners Community Clean.

Vauxhall One Technician
Vauxhall One has a full-time environmental technician who can respond quickly to make sure the streets stay clean and small DIY jobs are attended to promptly.
Rail Arch Regeneration
Vauxhall One has established a Rail Arch Regeneration Programme. Vauxhall One started the programme with a light installation to New Spring Gardens Walk, which made the arch safer and more fun.

Vauxhall is changing fast and the management and transformation of the public realm is key. Vauxhall has key assets in the local parks, green open spaces and rail arches. We aim to connect these through a cultural green trail.

Recycling Services
A free recycling service is available to Vauxhall One members. Food waste, WEEE, batteries, fluorescent tubes and residual waste can also be collected by the contractors at subsidised rates.
Greening Vauxhall Walk
Vauxhall One working with the RIBA and Landscape Institute, have commissioned an urban design framework for improving the public realm in Vauxhall, that links together the parks and green spaces.
Urban Greening
Vauxhall One is regenerating the area with sustainable green planting schemes, which link the local parks and galleries together into an innovative urban green trail.
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