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News December 11, 2020 - Caragh Cheesman Google Advice & Tools for Small Businesses

Google have reported surges in the words “local” and “near me” reaching an all-time high in the UK last month. Their data trends also show that searches for specific phrases like ‘local guide programme’, ‘local bike shop’ and ‘local farm shops’ have grown by over 1,000%.

Google have spoken with small businesses to identify helpful guidance on building a digital ‘shop window’, complementing physical presence. A recent IPSOS study showed 90% of customers are more likely to interact with a business if they have a phone number listed online, or if the business has shared images. As such Google has created the following resources:

  • Open for Business – collection of step-by-step guides on updating customers (e.g. revised opening times, info about any new services offered like take-aways and deliveries) and on adapting businesses to thrive on the web (e.g. how to sell online)


  • free 1:1 mentoring service in partnership with the charity Digital Boost, which gives access to a range of cross-sector expertise to help bring organisations online and help them grow. This is targeted at both small businesses and charities, recognising the third sector has a vital role in the inclusive economy


  • #dearlocal campaign to encouraging people to spread the word about great local businesses by sharing positive reviews and feedback where possible.


Recognising that a challenge for businesses is to support their staff adapt and thrive in an increasingly digital environment, the Google Digital Garage platform offers free webinars and self-taught sessions for career development as well as business-specific skills training like helping customers find businesses online, protecting businesses from online harm, and selling abroad.

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