Green Capital – green infrastructure for a future city.

The Missing Link is just one of the green projects we have delivered

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The 2050 London Infrastructure Investment Plan, establishes the need for the equivalent of 13,000 football pitches of new green space in London by mid century to deliver the environmental benefits necessary to support economic and population growth.

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Natural Capital, underlines the need for urban green infrastructure (GI) and sets out the policy changes, governance, valuation and funding needed to deliver this. GI plays a vital role in mitigating poor air quality and localised flooding, whilst sustaining valuable wildlife habitat – adapting our city to climate change and making it more environmentally resilient.

GI in an urban landscape can also promote healthy living and active travel, enhancing the public realm and making it more liveable and attractive for residents, businesses and visitors.

Over the past four years, Vauxhall One BID has been working with local partners, TfL, Lambeth Council and business members to deliver a range of GI projects. This has been supported by the Mayor, Drain London Fund, Natural England and the regeneration agency Cross River Partnership, through the Greening the BIDs Steering Group.

In 2013 Vauxhall One undertook a Green Infrastructure Audit to identify existing local green assets and the opportunities for new ones. The Missing Link is just one of the examples of the green infrastructure projects we have delivered with members help, benefitting Vauxhall.

To showcase a selection of GI installations delivered by us and our partners, celebrate successful public/private collaboration, articulate the multi-functional benefits of GI, inspire a wider audience and attract future funders, we have collaborated to produce a short inspirational video, Green Capital – green infrastructure for a future city.

This is accompanied by a user-friendly brochure of successful green infrastructure installation case studies, along with information and advice about the benefits and a delivering GI ‘how to’ guide. You can access that here.

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11 Mar 2016
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