Vauxhall One Cleaning Update: St Peter’s Church and Graffiti

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The Vauxhall One team has had a busy year so far keeping the area clean and clear of graffiti, as well as completing large cleaning projects across major tunnels and buildings in Vauxhall.

The team have cleared 10-15 pieces of graffiti every day across central Vauxhall, in addition to ongoing daily cleaning of pavements, gardens and tunnels in the area.

Larger projects so far in 2020 include painting on Paradise Street and Vauxhall Bridge, refurbishment and pigeon removal in the Juxon Street railway tunnel, and a deep clean of St Peter’s Church on Kennington Lane. The beautiful building dates back to 1863 and is a hidden gem in the area, which also played host to one of this year’s Classical Vauxhall concerts. 

If there are any parts of Vauxhall which you think need some special care and attention, fill in the Vauxhall One survey to have your say.

26 Feb 2020
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