Vauxhall Security Team

Vauxhall One has partnered with Safer Lambeth to provide a new enhanced security service for the area, including the new Vauxhall Security Team. The service will improve the safety of Vauxhall for its workers, visitors and residents.

For six weeks, the Vauxhall Security team will carry out an intensive information and intelligence gathering exercise to identify patterns of behaviour and offending in Vauxhall. This report will build a local intelligence picture, used to shape the security service to best addresses Vauxhall’s key safety issues.

The team will be clearly visible on their patrols in blue and yellow Vauxhall Security hi vis and will visit local businesses and licensed premises to gather their insight. In addition to this collaboration with the local business community, the team will tackle anti-social activity by the street community such as street drinking, begging and rough sleeping, actively monitor Vauxhall One’s CCTV cameras and assist the public with general queries.

The team will work closely with the Met Police, Lambeth Council and British Transport Police to share intelligence and improve safety levels in Vauxhall.

Bernard Collier, CEO of Vauxhall One, said:

“In our 2021 survey, 11% of businesses noted anti-social behaviour and the safety of their employees as their key area of concern. We have listened to these concerns about people feeling unsafe and are seeking to deal with this with the Vauxhall Security team. We are serious about the safety and security of our members.”

Michael Walters, BCRP Manager at Safer Lambeth, stated:

“We are very pleased that Vauxhall One has chosen Safer Business Network as their partner for their safe and secure portfolio covering the central part of their BID footprint. With our enhanced security service offering, and our expertise in business crime reduction and intelligence, we aim to make Vauxhall a safer place, being led by business needs and crime trends.”

vauxhall security team map
Vauxhall Security Team Service Area

If you need to contact them about any safety concerns or training queries, please use the following contact info:

07467 765 397