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By working together, Vauxhall One will be able invest at least nearly £4million directly into improving Vauxhall over the next five years.

This money will also be used to attract further funding from other sources. Talking to businesses in the runup to the BID ballot helped us identify the actions that would mean most to our members. 

We are reducing street crime and antisocial behaviour by becoming one of the first BIDs in the UK to build on the Met Police's S92 Police Officer scheme. The S92 agreement, sees Vauxhall One pay for the cost of one police officer with the Met matching that funding for an additional officer, this means that Vauxhall now has two additonal full time police officers dedicated to Vauxhall.
CCTV Cameras
A total of six new CCTV cameras have been purchaased and installed by us around the Vauxhall area, all of which can be monitored and controlled by our dedicated S92 officers 24 hours a day
Crime Stats
In the last year the area of Vauxhall has seen a 5% reduction in crime
Daytime S92 Officer
We appointed a third officer to work during daytime business hours, to takle aggressive begging, anti-social behaviour and business related crimes
Vauxhall One enhances the cleaning services provided by the council with regular street cleaning, litter picking and recycling
Community Payback
8,000 hours of additional free street cleaning, with an estimated value of £78,000.
Deep Cleaning
Undertook intensive, industrial deep cleaning of all major pedestrian tunnels in central Vauxhall. This involved Microstrip System restoration and application of anti-graffiti protective coating.
First Mile
Vauxhall One has recycled 409,128kg of material, saving 2,810 trees, 441 tonnes of CO2 and 60,862 KWH’s of energy.
Ongoing regular cleaning
350 hours of regular street cleaning including graffiti removal, litter picking and minor repair work.
Station restoration
Deep facade clean to remove all grime, dirt & carbon particulates. Used Micro-stripping and high pressure superheated, chemical free cleaning solutions.
Street Sweeper
Vauxhall One’s new emissions-free electric street sweeper cleans the centre of Vauxhall 10 times a week.
Ensuring that they are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly, our various greening projects aim to bring colour and improve air quality in the area
Hanging Baskets
250 total, supplied and maintained within the BID boundary, with 125 new baskets in the last year
Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens Lighting
Providing improved lighting in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens during the darkest months of the year, creating a safer and more pleasant environment for employees to travel through
Vauxhall Walk Phase Two
Opening of phase two of Vauxhall Walk by London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner Will Norman. The event was covered in the South London Press, in which 100 people attended.
To build a healthy, sustainable community, we have and will provide services to the local businesses, charities and people. These will serve them to better understand each other and enable everyone involved to build mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships.
Cost Reduction Service
Our optional cost reduction service, provided by our partner Meercat Associates, has already saved VX1 businesses over £100,000 within their pilot year.
Dr. Bike
The free monthly bike maintanence sessions have serviced 450 bikes in the past year, doing what we can to make sure poople are a little safer when riding through, to and from Vauxhall
Funding Community Groups
Vauxhall One has funded a number of events and services put on by the various community groups and charities of Vauxhall.
Not only do we want to make Vauxhall a great place to be for those who are already here, we also want to make Vauxhall a location that is more than a simple transport hub
Bearpit Karaoke
Visited by 1,500 people during its London debut, the ever-popular Berlin based Bearpit Karaoke aims to become a regular fixture in Vauxhall. 20,687 users on Facebook were reached as well as breaking 20,000 Twitter impressions with 20,687
Brilliant Vauxhall
The unique and history filled light and fire show was featured in Time Out London magazine as the number one "Thing to Do" at the weekend. The nights attracted 2,000 people in total after reaching 26,396 users on Facebook and 93,078 on Twitter
Institute of Imagination
Funded as part of the London Festival of Architecture this family event attracted 1,500 people (1,050 children and 450 adults.) and featured a series of workshops and constructive play sessions, aimed at providing education on architecture and engineering.
Memory Monters
Vauxhall One sponsored one of the events flagship projects, Memory Monsters. Which was held in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and included in the festival’s print and press coverage which had an estimated 6.58 million views, Memory Monsters was specifically featured in The Evening Standard, The Times, BBC Radio London, ITV London, London Live, The Architects Journal and South London Press.
Rueda Dancing Lessons
Over the course of a number of sessions in Vauxhall
Summer Screens
The 5th Year of Summer Screens saw 4,000 people in attendance across the four Tuesday nights, the event generated 95,000 twitter impressions and reached 66,314 unique Facebook users
Vauxhall Pedestrian Tunnel Street Party
As part of London Pride 2017 Vauxhall One worked with local promoters Duckie and member business the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to facilitate a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the decimalisation of homosexuality in England, in which 1,400 people attended.
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