TfL plan to start building Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) on 9 February 2015 as part of the Road Modernisation Plan

The route will greatly improve safety and comfort for cycling, provide new and improved pedestrian crossings, and reduce conflict between motor and cycle traffic.

CS5 involves building a two-way cycle track on the A202 between Oval Cricket Ground and Rampayne Street, and making improvements to junctions. Details of the scheme can be found at

On 9 February 2015, TfL plan to start preparatory work, including installing temporary traffic light supports along the length of the route and relocating a planter at Millbank to make space for a new westbound traffic lane at the junction of Vauxhall Bridge and Grosvenor Road. The temporary traffic light supports will occupy footway space, but should not inconvenience pedestrians. From 9 February to 27 March 2015, the westbound left-turn/ahead lane on Vauxhall Bridge is planned to be closed daily from 1000 to 1530 to allow the relocation of the planter to take place. Main construction of CS5 is planned to begin on 13 April 2015 (following completion of the Traffic Regulation Order process) and will continue until autumn 2015.

How you will be affected

Over the course of the construction of CS5, there will be some road and lane closures as well as parking, loading and stopping restrictions in certain places. Fully signed diversion routes and traffic management strategies will be in place where appropriate. Footways, pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes will be kept open wherever possible during construction, but short-term closures may be necessary. Signed diversion routes will be available. Construction will be phased to minimise its impact on the traffic network, and will not affect all areas at all times. TfL will write to local residents and businesses before starting work in their area. Some road users and bus passengers will also experience increased congestion at certain times and places. Work on CS5 will be coordinated with other road improvement works in the area, including works at Oval triangle, which are planned to take place between April and October 2015.

Working hours

TfL will aim to minimise disruption and noise, and the majority of the works will take place on weekdays between 0800 and 1800. However, to minimise the impacts on other road users, there will be a need for some night and weekend works, and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience this causes.

Planning your journey

There will be different impacts on your journey at different stages of construction. TfL strongly advise you to check before you travel. If you have the flexibility to do so, consider driving outside of the busiest time when you could have a quicker and more reliable journey.

Planning your deliveries and servicing

If you are making or receiving deliveries or servicing activity to your premises, you should speak to your customers and/or suppliers now to plan these activities outside the busiest times wherever possible. To find out how other businesses have changed the way they make or receive deliveries and how TfL are working to make deliveries safer and more efficient, visit

Find out more

Please contact TfL if you would like to know more using the details at the top of this letter. For more information about the scheme, please visit For the latest travel information, please visit or follow @tfltrafficnews on Twitter.

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