Vauxhall One opens Information Kiosk

News November 19, 2015 - admin2020 Vauxhall One opens Information Kiosk
As you may have already seen, Vauxhall One and TfL have re-vamped an old bus-drivers rest point and opened a brand new information kiosk in its place.

Working with Transport for London, Vauxhall One have equipped the kiosk with not one, but two green walls, eye-catching blue branding and luminous ‘Info’ sign, the kiosk is also home to an air-purification unit that monitors the impact of green planting on air quality.

Located on the Vauxhall Bus Station concourse, the kiosk will serve as a new HQ for our team of dedicated Street Wardens who will staff the kiosk from 7am – 7pm weekdays, providing a welcoming face to Vauxhall.

As Vauxhall changes and more people visit the area for its cultural offerings especially the emerging Vauxhall Gallery district, spearheaded by Damien Hirst’s recently opened Newport Street Gallery; the information kiosk will function as a place for people to ask questions, received directions and learn more about all the great attractions and businesses that Vauxhall has to offer.

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