Cherry Tree Walk plans for Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Cherry Tree Walk

The Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens have commissioned renowned landscape architect and historian Todd Longstaffe-Gowan ( to design a cheery tree walk on the diagonal path that leads from the main entrance to the park to the newly built Cabinet gallery and Tyers Street.

The ornamental flowering trees will be planted in clusters, will likely be a mix of native and exotic varieties to ensure maximum impact of colour variations, flowering times and sequencing to prolong the flowers. This will not only maximise the visual effect but also benefit pollinators throughout the spring and summer and allow for grater biodiversity.

The project will also tackle the ongoing flooding of the path by raising and rebuilding it, as well as creating a swale gardens where the water will be redirected and absorbed by a cluster of willow trees.

The Friends are currently planning to fund the scheme and its maintenance , but are eager to find sponsors that can match fund their investment.

Donations of single trees, tree clusters, tree guards or benches to be interspersed through the trees would be most welcome.

All donations will be much appreciated and acknowledged.

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