What We Do

By working together, Vauxhall One will be able invest at least nearly £4million directly into improving Vauxhall over the next five years. This money will also be used to attract further funding from other sources. Talking to businesses in the runup to the BID ballot helped us identify the actions that would mean most to our members.



Making Vauxhall safe for everyone


Bringing colour to the streets


Keeping Vauxhall Clean


Keeping the community involved in shaping Vauxhall


Since the BID’s inception, safety has been consistently named as a top priority for member businesses.

In Vauxhall One’s first two terms, BID-funded additional police presence resulted in a 15% drop in crime. This work has now given way to more intelligence-led interventions, including nine CCTV cameras.

Vauxhall Security Offices patrol the area at prime times, deterring antisocial behaviour and providing an extra layer of late-night security at weekends.

CCTV Cameras

Vauxhall One operates nine CCTV cameras in the Vauxhall area. They are monitored and controlled by a dedicated Vauxhall Security team, 24 hours a day.

Crime Stats

Since the BID’s inception in 2017, Vauxhall has seen a 15% reduction in crime.

Working Together

Working in partnership with Safer Business Network, Vauxhall One employs a team dedicated to the safety and security of Vauxhall throughout the day and into the evening.


Greening is at the heart of Vauxhall One’s ambition to tackle climate change and create a sustainable urban setting for people to enjoy.

Since the BID was formed, we have delivered several strategic greening projects, including a green wall, a clean air garden and several small pocket gardens.

These have enriched Vauxhall’s sense of place, made the area more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists, improved air quality and enhanced biodiversity.

Hanging Baskets

Vauxhall One supplies and maintains 275 hanging baskets within the BID boundary, brightening up Vauxhall’s streets with seasonal colour.

South Lambeth Place Greenwall

Completed in March 2020, Vauxhall’s living wall was the first installation of its kind on Network Rail’s infrastructure in London. It comprises 25m2 of biodiversity enhancing plants.

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens Lighting

Improved lighting in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens during the darkest months of the year has created a safer and more pleasant environment for local employees to travel through.


Vauxhall One enhances the cleaning services provided by the council with regular street cleaning, litter picking and recycling.

Ongoing regular cleaning

350 hours of regular street cleaning including graffiti removal, litter picking and minor repair work.

Deep Cleaning

Undertook intensive, industrial deep cleaning of all major pedestrian tunnels in central Vauxhall. This involved Microstrip System restoration and application of anti-graffiti protective coating.

First Mile

Vauxhall One has recycled 409,128kg of material, saving 2,810 trees, 441 tonnes of CO2 and 60,862 KWH’s of energy.


To build a healthy, sustainable community, we have and will provide services to the local businesses, charities and people. These will serve them to better understand each other and enable everyone involved to build mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships.

Licensing Partnership

We provide a forum for our local hospitality businesses to share their visions and views to improve Vauxhall

Dr. Bike

The free monthly bike maintanence sessions have serviced 450 bikes in the past year, doing what we can to make sure poople are a little safer when riding through, to and from Vauxhall

Funding Community Groups

Vauxhall One has funded a number of events and services put on by the various community groups and charities of Vauxhall

Vauxhall London

Our one stop shop for all of the venues and events in the Vauxhall area

Vauxhall London

Our one stop shop for all of the venues and events in the Vauxhall area