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Employer Supported Policing is a powerful partnership between local Employers and the Police.

What is Employer Supported Policing (ESP)?

Employer Supported Policing (ESP) is a powerful partnership between some of London’s employers, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and individual employees. It provides staff with extensive skills and experience, strengthens police/employer relationships and directly helps to make London safer. ESP already includes a wide range of national and international companies, small-to-medium businesses, and a number of public sector organisations including councils, NHS trusts and more.

How does it work?

Staff who become Employer Supported Special Constables – volunteer police officers, supported by their employer and after full training – carry out patrols in Vauxhall during some of their working hours with full police powers, uniform and equipment, alongside regular police officers.

Even when off duty, Special Constables can still use the skills they’ve learned to provide an additional level of security for themselves, work colleagues, family and friends. Policing London brings variety and satisfaction. Training is carried out as an intensive course 23 weekdays, on 23 consecutive Sundays, or as a combination of the two. Employers who join the scheme can choose to support any of the types of course and sponsor some or all of this time (by providing paid leave or time off in lieu) under this programme.

The benefits

Becoming a Special Constable offers excellent benefits in terms of personal and professional development. Taking charge of incidents as a Police Officer develops confidence and assertiveness which can be brought to the workplace. Above all, the feeling that your business/employees really are making a difference – making a positive contribution in the fight against crime in Vauxhall.

Free London travel for Employer Supported Special Constables

All current and new Metropolitan Special Constables are now entitled to free travel on London’s Tube, Buses, DLR, Tramlink and TfL-operated London Overground services.

Free travel is available on and off duty, and it is open to all Metropolitan Special Constables who perform at least 200 hours duty a year. Your daily commute to and from your day job could become free.

Next Steps

Businesses /departmental managers considering supporting the initiative should contact local Inspector Scott McDonald (tel 07919 395 865) who will arrange to visit you to discuss further. If you wish more information now, packs are available from info@vauxhallone.co.uk

For employees interesting in joining the scheme, please draw this article to your line manager’s attention, or request an information pack from vauxhallone.co.uk.

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