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News June 9, 2016 - admin2020 Santander Cycles Business Hire
Give your organisation unlimited access to Santander Cycles.

How Santander Cycles works for Business

You can use the bikes for business travel or commuting, depending on the individual needs of your staff and your business.

With over 11,000 bikes and more than 750 docking stations, you and your staff can saddle-up pretty much anywhere, from Shepherd’s Bush to Canary Wharf.

Pooled Business Accounts

Businesses can purchase up to 20 pooled keys for £90 each. Each one gives you unlimited bike access for a year, for all 30 minute journeys. For longer journeys extra ride charges will be charged to your business account payment card.

Your business administrator can manage your account through the Santander Cycles website, allowing your staff to share keys for hiring bikes by signing them in and out online – similar to a pool of staff cars, but much more fun.

Individual Business Accounts

Whatever the size of your business, you can buy a Santander Cycles account for a staff member for £90, giving them one year’s bike access. They simply register and link their personal bank account to the membership key.

This means your staff can make unlimited journeys of 30 minutes for free. If they keep a bike for 30 minutes or longer extra ride charges will apply and be taken from their bank account.

What’s in it for your business?

• Save money
Staff cycling to and from business meetings saves on taxi fares, car pool costs and petrol expenses.

• Improve staff retention
Studies show that staff turnover can be reduced by up to 13% by the introduction of a cycling scheme in the workplace.

• Increase productivity
Research also suggests that staff walking or cycling to or from work reduces absenteeism, with active staff taking 27% fewer sick days.

• Corporate Social Responsibility
With more staff cycling you can substantially reduce your organisation’s carbon emissions, help reduce congestion and improve the air quality in your area.

• Save space
Encouraging Santander Cycles usage can reduce the requirement for car and private cycle parking spaces.

 A new benefit to your staff
Most staff welcome the offer of new travel options.

What’s in it for your staff?

• Easy to use
Once employees have a membership key they can hire a bike anytime, whether for commuting or to get to a business meeting, then return it to any docking station.

• It saves money
Commuting by bike can reduce your staff’s travel costs. They won’t have to buy or maintain a bike either, and all accounts include unlimited journeys of 30 minutes.

• Health and fitness
Cycling helps reduce weight, high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and the most common form of diabetes.

What else is available?

If you have five or more employees, you could benefit from the following free products and services as part of TfL Cycling Workplaces.

• Cycle safety seminar
A seminar at your workplace on commuter cycling, safety and how London is changing for cyclists.

• Commuter cycle skills sessions
On-bike urban cycling skills sessions, for beginners, intermediate and experienced cyclists. Delivered as one hour taster sessions at your workplace or as two hour sessions at any London location.

• Cycle safety checks and bike marking
Employees can have their bikes checked and security marked at the workplace. Checks ensure bikes are road worthy and marking can aid recovery in the event of theft.

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