20” Water Mains Burst – Kennington Park Road

Thames Water estimate the repair works will be complete by 4pm today (30.06.15) at which time reinstatement work can commence.

It is likely the closure will be in place until early tomorrow afternoon. (01.07.15)

The southbound diversion will be installed at the junction of Newington Butts and Kennington lane, Thames will be manning this junction 24/7 once taken over from police to allow vehicles to access local roads, the diversion for this would have included Elephant & Castle roundabout which is why TfL have avoided this.

The diversion for all other vehicles will be Kennington Lane, Durham Street, Harleyford Street, Kennington Oval, then left turn onto Kennington Park Road.

Kennington Road is currently closed southbound where it meets with Kennington Lane, the diversion is the same as above.

The Northbound diversion will remain in place until the clean up has been complete, the diversion is Kennington Oval, Harleyford Road, right onto Kennington Lane, Newington Butts.

Thames water are optimistic that this could be reopened for the morning peak. If Kennington Road were to be reopened this could be utilised for the northbound closure but is currently still closed.

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