Royal Vauxhall Tavern signs 20 year lease with Immovate property owner.

James Lindsay, the current CEO of Royal Vauxhall Tavern who leases the building from Immovate, has agreed and signed a 20 year lease deal with the property company, securing the future of the RVT as a London venue after protracted negotiations.

The new lease replaces the older short term lease which was due to expire in 2019.

The RVT business has gone from strength to strength since the change of ownership in 2014, with a vast array of acts and promoters that perform and produce events at the iconic venue, but its future was always in some doubt as the lease was given on a short term time span. Now the venue can continue trading for the next 20 years, preserving the space as a prominent LGBTQI+ entertainment and club venue for the long term.

James Lindsay, the chief executive says ‘As a team we are delighted that the new secure terms have been agreed and we remain committed to ensuring the preservation of our history, culture along with the diverse programme we offer, and continuing the vibrancy and success of the RVT’.

We look forward in continuing to work with our promoters and producers who make the RVT the successful and vibrant place it is and thank them for their hard work whilst also acknowledging their role in the success of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern; Duckie, Bar Wotever, Push the Button, Beefmince, Eurofest, The LipSinkers, Haus of Royalz, Butch! Please, Pop Horror, Virgin Xtravaganzah, David Hoyle, Nick Blackburn, Myra DuBois, Mary Mac, Charlie Hides, The DE Experience, Anthem, SonOfATutu, Ripley, Big Bingo, The Art of Drag and our panto crew.

We hope the RVT continues to be the bedrock of the LGBTQI+ scene as a space that is created by its community for its community.

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