Enhanced Security Service Update

News, Safer Vauxhall November 20, 2023 - Isobel Pickles Enhanced Security Service Update

September – October Statistics

  • 119 business engagement/follow-up visits carried out by Safer Business Network Officers.
  • 22 offenders added to the SentrySIS database, down from 39 offenders added during July/August.
  • 69 separate incidents recorded during the last two months; police involved in 14% of those (during July-August, police were involved in 12% of the incidents reported).
  • £7,321 worth of property reported stolen via SentrySIS, with October being the second highest month so far this year. 23% of this was recovered.


Top reported incidents during September/October:

  • Shop theft: 38
  • Aggressive behaviour: 10
  • Rogue street traders: 6


The more incidents you inform/engage with us about or upload to the SentrySIS system. the more we can hold offenders to account by issuing them with Exclusion Notices that would ban them from all our member premises. If you could share any photographs of the offenders, this would greatly assist in the identification process.

If you, or any member of your team/security staff wish to be added to SentrySIS, or your team need training on how to use SentrySIS, please get in touch.

This year so far…

  • 598 business engagement/follow-up visits have taken place since January.
  • 135 offenders have been added to the SentrySIS database since the beginning of the year.
  • 329 incidents have been recorded since the beginning of the year and the police have been involved in 14% of the incidents (for the same period last year, the police were involved in 11% of incidents).


Top reported incidents since the beginning of the year:

  • Shop theft: 123
  • Aggressive behaviour: 48
  • Begging/Rogue street traders:: 41


Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team Update

Over the past two months, PCs Brown and Hoskin have been working on issuing CPNWs (Community Protection Notice Warnings) to those that have been identified as being part of the persistent issues faced in Vauxhall. Their early shifts have been focussed on being a visible presence in the area to ensure the safety of those leaving the clubs as well as being able to issue CPNWs. Across the past two months, they have issued 6 CPNWs, 1 CPN (Community Protection Notice) and 2 arrests have been made.

They have also sought to increase business confidence in relation to shoplifting, explaining their processes to ensure that offenders are caught. They have also been working with the Territorial Support Group to boost the numbers of officers in the area, in particular around the transport hubs, utilising both plain clothes and uniformed officers.

A plea from Sgt Watson – he is about to try and embark on building a CCTV mapping system which will show him where all the external CCTV cameras are in Vauxhall, what they cover, who operates them and what systems you use so the police know how they can obtain any footage if required. If your business has external CCTV please could you contact Sgt Watson directly and let him know if you have cameras that cover external areas and what they cover (screen shots would be great!). This could be a very valuable database for the police to have in the battle against robberies and thefts in the area. Once it`s in place they will hopefully instantly know what the CCTV opportunities are when crime reports come in.

Night Time Enterprise Zone

We have two safety schemes that we are actively promoting at present, Vauxhall Safe Havens and The Women’s Night Safety Charter, both of which we are sure will be of interest to you.

The Womens Night Safety Charter:

The Charter is part of the Mayor’s Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy and London’s commitment to the UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces global initiative. It is a voluntary pledge to show that businesses take women’s safety seriously and over 1,600 businesses across London have already signed up. More information.

Vauxhall Safe Havens:

This is an exciting new project that we are launching in partnership with Celine Lessard (Night-time Enterprise Zone Manager) . We are looking for premises/venues/offices/businesses that are willing to be a Safe Haven in Vauxhall to help vulnerable people with their onward journeys – for example, providing a friendly face and reassurance, allowing the individual to charge their phone, calling a taxi, contacting family/friends, waiting for, or signposting to transport, and if required, making a phone call to the emergency services, or offering useful helpline numbers to the affected person.

There is no cost to your business and Safer Business Network will deliver the training for you and your staff, supply the Signposting folder, a poster for your staff area and also the A6 (postcard size) sticker for your door/window that shows customers and clients that your business/venue is a safe place and that you are helping to make the area safer.

The basic requirements of a Safe Haven are access to water (could be bottled), electricity, wi-fi or a landline telephone, charging point for mobile phone, a chair/seat, access to a toilet if required, the Safe Haven Logo displayed in a window/door, trained staff with a list of support network contact details and relevant public liability insurance.

Either Body Cameras are to be worn, OR staff to have DBS checks completed, OR two members of staff must be present when an individual is in the Safe Haven, OR alternatively, the Safe Haven area must be covered by working CCTV. More information.

If you are interested in becoming a Safe Haven please contact Sally Bradbeer.

Vauxhall One Officers

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Kenny to the team, who will work alongside Richard on a permanent basis.

Over the last two months Vauxhall One Officers have been able to review and retrieve 4 vital pieces of CCTV footage/evidence for the police to assist them with their enquiries.

During October, the officers carried out 125 business engagements and over 50 patrols in and around the Pleasure Gardens.

Please feel free to give them a call if there is anything that you need or if you have any information or intelligence that you would like to share with us.

07467 765 397 or security@vauxhallone.co.uk

Working hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00 – 18:00
Friday 16:00 – 24:00

Saturday 13:00 – 22:00

Next Partnership Forum – 29th November

Vauxhall businesses are invited to join the next Vauxhall Partnership Forum on Wednesday 29th November at 14:00 in The Vauxhall Food and Beer Garden, 6 South Place, London SW8 1SP.

To register your attendance, please contact Sally Bradbeer.

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