Totally Thames: The Rising Tide by Jason deCaires Taylor

The Rising Tide is London’s first commission from internationally acclaimed underwater eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor

Four proud working horses and their riders will be installed on the foreshore at Nine Elms on the South Bank to be concealed and revealed by the tide each day, highlighting the role the river has played in shaping London’s history, from an artery for industry and trade to a point of disembarkation for the pleasure gardens that have lined its banks.

Taylor is passionately committed to reversing the depredation of coral reef environments and has created two internationally acclaimed underwater installations off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies and near Cancun in Mexico that are widely acclaimed for their positive benefits to the adjacent coral reefs.

The installation is fully visible from the riverside walkway for up to two hours either side of low tide.

Approximate low tide times: Tue 1 (11.45am); Wed 2 (12.30pm); Thur 3 (1pm); Fri 4 (1.30pm); Sat 5 (2pm); Sun 6 (2.45pm); Mon 7 (3.45pm); Tue 8 (5pm); Wed 9 (6.45pm); Thur 10 (8pm); Fri 11 (8.15am); Sat 12 (9am); Sun 13 (9.45am); Mon 14 (10.15am); Tue 15 (11am); Wed 16 (11.15am); Thur 17 (11.45am); Fri 18 (12.15pm); Sat 19 (12.45pm); Sun 20 (1.15pm); Mon 21 (1.30pm); Tue 22 (2.15pm); Wed 23 (3.30pm); Thur 24 (5.45pm); Fri 25 (7pm); Sat 26 (7.30am); Sun 27 (8.45am); Mon 28 (9.45am); Tue 29 (10.30am); Wed 30 (11.15am)

Please note that the Thames foreshore is a potentially hazardous environment.

The Rising Tide is a commission for Totally Thames 2015.

The project is supported by the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, Vauxhall One and LuminarPrime8.

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