Vauxhall Cross Consultation results

News April 1, 2015 - admin2020 Vauxhall Cross Consultation results
Results from the Vauxhall Cross consultation, which ran from 10 November 2014 to 2 January 2015, show strong support for a return to two-way streets, a redesign of the existing bus station and development of a more attractive and vibrant town centre.

The consultation focussed on broad principles underpinning the scheme and 2181 responses were received in total.

Support for town centre improvements

The consultation results reflect a sense that Vauxhall’s unique character and potential as an even more attractive and vibrant town centre has been held back by traffic and the gyratory. Some of the strongest supported priorities for how Vauxhall could change can be found below.

  • 77 per cent support for the overall aim of creating a thriving centre in Vauxhall.
  • 76 per cent thought that making the area more accessible for vulnerable users such as people with disabilities, children and older people, was very important.
  • 71 per cent thought that interventions to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour were very important or important.
  • 66 per cent thought that creating more and better quality, open spaces was very important or important.
  • 65 per cent thought that better connections to the river and the rest of Vauxhall including parks and open spaces were very important or important.

When considering the wider regeneration of Vauxhall and Nine Elms, the benefits that people ranked most highly in order of importance to them, were:

  • More opportunities for local people and young people (such as jobs, training and leisure pursuits)
  • More opportunities for local and new businesses.

The three most popular requests, in relation to what people wanted to see in Vauxhall centre, were for:

  • Shops
  • Independent or local businesses
  • Facilities for the young.

Support for transport improvements

There was broad support for transport improvements which included:

  • 65 per cent support for proposals to return the gyratory to two-way working
  • 63 per cent support for proposals to redesign the existing bus station at Vauxhall, providing safer, more attractive and more accessible facilities.

The Vauxhall Cross consultation report is available here.

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