What does the future of work look like?

How prepared are you for the impact of automation on the workforce?

We are all entering a period of huge uncertainty in the workplace as developments like AI and the green economy fundamentally shift how we will work.

Many businesses say they feel unprepared for the future of work. This creates mounting anxiety and questions within the workforce, and leads to stress that is bad for engagement, health and wellbeing, attrition and productivity.

Change and uncertainty are not going away, so workforces need to be enabled to manage uncertainty by acting together.

Introducing the Job Design Lab, a transformative learning experience that readies teams for the future of work- transforming anxiety into optimism by instilling a proactive mindset in participants and leaving them ready to embrace new skills and ways of working.

What is the Job Design Lab?

A series of four dynamic half day workshops that are not just informative, but also engaging and enjoyable. Our immersive approach will lead your company to step into the future, together, so people see first-hand how it could work for them. The Job Design Lab isn’t about predicting the future, but proactively shaping it to your advantage.

What does the Job Design Lab provide? 

  • A safe and neutral space allowing for conversations often too difficult to have within the workplace, hosted by skilled facilitators.
  • Expert insight into emerging future work trends, skills and competencies
  • Bridges the gaps between front line workers and leadership, generating valuable insights for employers on emerging concerns and opportunities.
  • Employees will be exposed to creative methods which help develop valuable future work skills (such as collaborative working, flexibility and problem-solving).
  • Connection with other organisations facing the same issues.


The Job Design Lab is backed by a charity funder and is looking for engaged employers based in Lambeth or Southwark to take part in free pilot sessions in November and December 2023.

Vauxhall One is working with The Liminal Space to deliver an online briefing for potential employer partners based in Vauxhall on Wednesday 18th October, 10am – 11am online.  Come along to find out more.

Please register your interest here.

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