CCTV Policy

  • CCTV - Pilgrim Pub
    CCTV outside the Pilgrim Pub
  • CCTV - Tyres Street
    CCTV on Tyres Street
  • CCTV - Albert Embankment
    CCTV on Albert Embankment
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Safer Vauxhall

To increase security and safety for local businesses, Vauxhall One invests in CCTV surveillance and maintenance within the BID area. Cameras were first installed in 2013 in partnership with Lambeth Council and have had a positive effect on the BID area, contributing to an overall reduction in crime in Vauxhall. In the first ten years since the BID was formed, reported crime has been reduced by 30%.

Since 2019, the BID has installed a further five state-of-the-art cameras, each housing three versatile lenses covering a wide area and recording in ultra-high definition. These cameras are maintained by Vauxhall One and monitored solely by collaborating local police agencies (British Transport Police, S92 Police Officers, Ward Police Officers). These agencies are able to view footage on mobile tablet devices over a 4G network, allowing them to remain agile when investigating crime in Vauxhall.

The BID levy also funds the cameras’ ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement as and when required. The system acts as a deterrent and provides vital evidence when crimes occur.

Mobile CCTV

The BID’s CCTV system consists of Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDC), meaning that they can be easily moved around the BID area to actively respond to increased criminal activity in different areas. A map displaying the locations of the CCTV cameras within the BID area can be found below.

CCTV request for footage

We normally only accept requests for footage from the London Metropolitan Police. Solicitors, insurers or other bodies may also apply for CCTV footage on behalf of their clients as the GDPR provisions do not apply to personal data where:

Pursuant to Schedule 2, Part 1 (5) of the Data Protection Act 2018 where disclosure of the data: -

  1. is necessary for the purpose of, or in connection with, legal proceedings (including prospective legal proceedings),
  2. is necessary for the purpose of obtaining legal advice, or
  3. is otherwise necessary for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights, to the extent that the application of those provisions would prevent the controller from making the disclosure.'

Individuals are entitled to make a Subject Access Request (SAR) for footage under GDPR, but this is unlikely to be helpful in cases of road traffic collisions and civil cases.

Please be aware that footage is held for 14 days from time of incident/recording. You should therefore submit your request within 7 days of the incident/recording to allow sufficient time for the request to be received and processed before the footage is deleted.

Due to the time and resources needed to view and extract information related to CCTV requests, speculative requests for footage will not be processed.

Only requests submitted using this form will be processed. 

Requests are subject to an administration charge of £10 (+VAT). This is only chargeable for those requests where footage has been captured. For clarity, no charge is made where footage cannot be supplied or for a Subject Access Request under GDPR Legislation. 

We will not progress this request until we have received payment. Please make cheques payable to ‘Vauxhall One, Kia Oval, Kennington, London,SE11 5SS

Subject Access Request for Vauxhall One CCTV Footage

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