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News May 21, 2019 - admin2020 Clean Air Garden
Vauxhall One are planting over 1100 plants on Albert Embankment as a response to consultation of local businesses done in 2018

Partnering with Ed Wright of Wrights Landscapes, Vauxhall One have created a 160m Clean Air Garden with a repeating plant pattern, featuring a tree sleeper border with breaks for natural desire line as well as an easy to maintain irrigation system

How it came to be

In 2018, Vauxhall One consulted with rail arch businesses on Albert Embankment and Goding Street regarding what it was they would like to see improved around their businesses (See consultation doc here). An overwhelming response was to see a major improvement in greening due to the space being exposed to high volumes of footfall, traffic and pollution.

This intervention seeks to mitigate some of the unwanted environmental impacts by creating a natural barrier made up of a mixture of evergreens, shrubs and grasses, forming not only a first line of defence for those using the space but also a much better visual focal point for the area with a multitude of vibrant, colourful and unique contrasting plants.

About the plants

Numerous plants have been carefully selected to assist in the preservation of endangered species in Lambeth like Dragonflies, Damselflies and the Daubenton’s Bat. While plants such as the Festucas and Sedum Album (White Stone Crop) were chosen for their air filtering properties, helping to reduce some of the worst levels of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulates in the Vauxhall area – a large concentration being recorded on Albert Embankment.

Here is a list of all the types of plants going into the Clean Air Garden:

  • Red Robin
  • Sedum Album
  • Liriope Muscari
  • Ophiopogan Nigrescens
  • Foeniculum Purpureum
  • Pinus Nigra
  • Santolina
  • Hebe Summer Beauty
  • Carex Evergold
  • Festuca
  • Sisyrinchium
  • Phormium Ternax Variegata
  • Mahonia x Media Charity
  • Fatsia Japonica
  • Phormium Red Star
  • Cordyline Australis

These works were approved by Lambeth in support of the their AQ Action Plan Framework, the Mayor’s Environment Strategy and Vauxhall One’s own aspirations to improve air quality for those who live, work and visit Vauxhall.

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